Mermaid Banner Cookie Cutter, Mermaid Cookie Cutter

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Swim into the kitchen and bake up some magical mermaid cookies with our Mermaid Banner Cookie Cutter! Create fun shapes and add a unique twist to any celebration. Get ready to embark on a baking adventure!

This cookie cutter is made from FDA-approved filament designed for food contact, and can be used to cut out fondant, cookie dough, and other edible materials easily, plus our cookie cutters are available in various sizes for every baking project. Each cutter is printed as you order, so our unique designs won't be found anywhere else.

Don't forget to show off your creations using #CookieCutterStudio we would love to see them!

 Care Instructions: To prolong the life of your Cookie Cutter, we recommend handwashing it in warm soapy water. Avoid putting the cutter in the dishwasher or hot water, as this will cause your cookie cutter to melt and/or warp. Cutters that are damaged due to improper care or storage cannot be replaced, so please handle your cutter with care.


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